Celebrity Eclipse Postcard #5 – A Sea Day

Our little session in the Sky Lounge was a little different last night because we were joined by a local Oom-Pah Brass Band, they played for around 45 minutes and made a nice change. It certainly made the lounge a lot busier than usual. We found them playing a second set a bit later on in the Grand Foyer on deck 3 while on our way to eat and they were again drawing the crowds in as people were coming and going to dinner.

Talking of dinner, last night we dined in Qsine which was every bit as good as our first experience. I learnt a lot from our first trip in January and the main one was to pace yourself but despite that knowledge we all came away totally stuffed and were still paying the price this morning.
The whole experience was made all the more special by the fact all six from table 345 were able still dine together. We were there for over 3 hours and consequently missed our trip to see Freddie Larkins in the theatre.
There is practically nothing on the menu which I don’t like but I have to say I am very partial to the lamb chops with the mustard mayonnaise and also the Disco Shrimp.

As a result of last night’s feast, breakfast was skipped this morning because we were all still feeling so full.
In contrast to yesterdays rain, today’s weather has once again been fantastic so we spent the morning just sat out on the balcony. The only break was to attend the Captain’s Club Celebration in the Sky Lounge at 12:00 pm. As it’s Judy’s first cruise and she wanted to go we accompanied her to the function where we were all thanked by Captain Leonardos Palaiokrassas for choosing a Celebrity cruise. A couple of free glasses of wine certainly didn’t go amiss.

Just to further break the day up and to help with our food intake we took lunch in the Moonlight Sonata Dining Room, I have found that having someone else fill my plate often stops me making a complete pig of myself.
Then with the sun still out we retired to the cabin to sit out on the balcony in the glorious sunshine that we never expected to have, its been an absolute bonus for us. There is very little else to add today so I will keep it brief.
Normal dining will be resumed tonight and maybe the show which is Rock City, we’ve seen it before and thought it was OK but I may potentially give it a miss myself and have an early night so I am nice and fresh to visit our next port which is Tallin, Estonia tomorrow.

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