Celebrity Eclipse Postcard #13 – A Sea Day

Dinner in the Tuscan Grille was every bit as good as we were anticipating. I started my  meal with Fritto di Calamari which was followed by a pasta dish called Pappardelle Alfredo con Aragosta (pictured below) and it was totally delicious. My main course was the Filet Mignon which was just beautiful.

It was once again along night which resulted in us missing the show in the theatre for a second time while dining in a specialty restaurant.
Last night’s act was a comedian called Paul Eastwood and we haven’t seen him before so hopefully he will do the rounds and we will get another opportunity at some point.
With just two days left which are both sea days we had hoped for some decent weather as we headed south but alas day one was not to be. We have been seeing news headlines and weather predictions about a heatwave back home in the UK and had hoped to be sailing into it.

Our weather today has been rain and quite a bit of it. All the top decks have been deserted and all the eateries busy. We skipped breakfast but ate lunch in the dining room which as previously mentioned was much busier.
Getting a table in Café El Bacio would be akin to winning the lottery. Once seats had been occupied the custodian was there for the long haul.

When the weather isn’t too good there really isn’t too much to occupy us on this type of ship and is one of the main reasons we tend to head for sunnier climate’s. There is all the usual dross which I just cannot understand people actually getting excited about, for example there was the final of the egg drop challenge which involves dropping an egg from deck 5 to 3 in the Grand Foyer. That actually made front page of the daily programme!
Then there is the European Charm Bracelet sale, table tennis with guests versus officers, a talk on back pain, bunions and bothered knees along with 5 steps to a flawless skin and not forgetting Port versus Starboard bowling challenge! I really kept expecting to bump into Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Esma Cannon today. Not what I consider cruising at its best.

It does surprise me actually how little there is going on during the day that we find interesting and actually wonder how we would cope on a longer and cooler climate cruise with lots of sea days so I think we will stick with what we like.
As a result the afternoon was spent in the cabin having a snooze before our daily little early evening soirée. Tonight is also the third and final Evening Chic Night so at the end of the evening for us it will mean putting the glad rags away again until the next cruise.

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