MSC Virtuosa Rotterdam & Cherbourg Preamble

What better than to take a cruise with family and this is what this cruise is all about. There will be six of us on this cruise, the two of us plus our daughter, son-in-law and 2 young grandchildren. After spotting this cruise at a real bargain price, we asked if they would like to join us, and a positive response was fairly quick. Because this will be family time, I will probably not post as much as normal but I can’t let it pass without at least recording something even if it is mostly photos.
The itinerary itself is just for 3 nights and during half term for the schools so could well be full of children so fingers are crossed that MSC are able to cope, (us as well). This cruise was originally to be on MSC Grandiosa and overnighting in Rotterdam but we received a letter about a month after booking to say that they were changing the ship to MSC Virtuosa and that all cabin numbers would remain the same due to the fact they are practically identical ships. The itinerary also changed with Cherbourg added and Rotterdam became just became a normal day visit.

We have cabins next door to each other so we can be on hand for assistance and babysitting duty.

So depending on how much time I get, there may or maybe not be a follow-up post, if not I will catch up once home. ??

7 thoughts on “MSC Virtuosa Rotterdam & Cherbourg Preamble”

  1. Well done! Taking another cruise already. And with the grandkids. That will be the best part. As a fellow grandfather I am willing to wait for the complete report until you are at home. Have a great time.

  2. Well, well. we’ve just got off this morning having done a 7 night Fjords cruise. The Cruise Director announced at the end of last night’s show that the ship is FULL (6,000) for yours and here’s the bad news, 1,200 children. Look forward to your review.

    1. Our paths will cross one day I’m sure. Bit of a different cruise for us in that the emphasis was on the youngsters who had a great time. I think the stag & hen do’s were more disruptive than the children who were very well behaved in comparison.

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