Celebrity Eclipse Postcard #3 – A Sea Day

OK, some more about yesterday first picking up where I left off. Having now received out drinks vouchers we set off to exchange them up in the Sky Observation Lounge for pre dinner drinks. We spent about 2½ hours there just chatting and enjoying the sea view. It wasn’t as busy as it was in January but still enough there to justify using that venue. Below are a couple of photos of the menu for the drinks that are available using the vouchers.

Dinner was at 8:15 and the two adjacent tables were both half empty last night, I suspect there may have been some not happy with the table arrangements. We have a great set up and Oscar is doing us proud. One thing I have noticed, the menu is now laid out in such a way it suggests two courses and not three. Another cost cutting exercise in effect! Needless to say it hasn’t prevented me from carrying on as before.

After dinner I followed the others to the theatre to endure the ships production of The Chandelier for a second time and despite several cast changes from January it wasn’t any better and in fact in our opinion slightly worse. I came very close to nodding off in there a couple of times but managed to stay the distance by sitting more upright then usual.

I am also having all sorts of issues with the WordPress App, ships WiFi and also my ageing tablet and apologise if posts are getting duplicated then deleted. I was hoping to add some photos to the Flickr album but the internet is nowhere near good enough and actually worse than it was in January.

This morning we awoke to beautiful clear blue skies and calm seas. What a wonderful way to start the morning. After breakfast (again in the Oceanview Cafe) we went back to spend the morning sat out on the balcony where we were sheltered from the wind while still able to enjoy the sunshine. We had the best of the sunshine on our side of the ship which was a real bonus.

We were so distracted by sitting out in the sun we missed the dinner session the dining room and when we did a circuit of the buffet and failed to find a seat we decided to go to the Mast Grille and have burger and fries instead.

At 3:00 we accompanied Judy up to the Lawn Club so she could watch the Hot Glass Show while we laid out on blankets in the sun. I just can’t believe the weather are having so far..
Because of this Nicole & I decided to go up to the Solstice Deck to finish the afternoon off in the sun.

Token swapping session impending and its Evening Chic Night tonight so it’s smarter dress than normal.

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