Celebrity Eclipse Postcard #14 – A Sea Day

The Evening Chic Night dress code in the daily programme suggests that it is less dressy than formal and women should feel comfortable wearing a cocktail dress, skirt or trousers with an elegant top. Men should feel comfortable wearing trousers with a dress shirt, button down shirt or sweater. A sport coat or blazer is optional. Since Evening Chic was brought in late last year we have been on two Celebrity cruises, one from Miami and this one from Southampton and there has been notably more gents wearing dinner suites on this cruise. It’s very difficult to put a percentage figure on it but I would say at least 20-25%. Overall it’s still a great atmosphere and nice to see everyone putting something smart on whatever it be.

Beef Wellington and Lobster Tails were on the menu last night and Oscar provided them on the same plate unlike our waiter in January. I can tell you that they were both delicious. No Baked Alaska parade now on Celebrity but it was still on the menu last night, consequently the presentation of this dessert is now much better.

After dinner I found myself escorting Nicole to see one of the ships production shows called Topper. This was a second time for us and I didn’t really want to go but being as the less sprightly weren’t going then how could I let my good lady go on her own. It’s not a hideously bad show but not one I’m going to see for a third time that’s for sure.

Back to today and our last full day onboard the ship, we took breakfast for the last time in the Tuscan Grille and then quickly made our way to the theatre for a talk on navigation by the Captain which was really interesting, informative and very well attended.

Back to the cabin to start the packing process which Nicole did with her own fine tuned efficiency. Less than an hour and apart from a few odd things everything is good to go.

Lunch was taken in the main dining room giving us just a couple of hours to digest the food before we attended the Elegant Tea for Elite members (and above) in the Tuscan Grille (again). Not exactly what I would call elegant but nice to sit down and enjoy some tea and cakes with a great sea view.

We also noticed that Bistro on 5 had been temporarily converted into Café El Bacio 2 which we think is an excellent idea and long overdue.

So all that remains now is to see the night out, say all our goodbyes to the staff who have looked after us so well over the last 2 weeks.

Time permitting we will go and see Jon Courtenay in the theatre later but that is by no means certain.

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