Celebrity Eclipse Postcard #4 – Warnemünde, Germany

Yesterday evening was the first of three Evening Chic nights and I was surprised to see how many of the gents were still wearing dinner suits. There were certainly a lot more on the this cruise than the one earlier in the year. I wonder if the location and embarkation port has anything to do with it? Regardless of who wore what, just about everyone still made an extra effort to look smart for the evening.
I had every intention to photograph the menu in the dining room last night but the use of the vouchers in the Sky Lounge must have done something to my memory. It won’t be tonight as we are off to Qsine having bagged a deal for the whole table at $25 person.

Last night’s show was good fun and it was a new face for us, Mel Mellers who is a comedy magician. No high end magic but more of a children’s entertainer type of show but with the witty banter and audience interaction made him very watchable. He certainly made us laugh and that can’t be a bad thing.

We arrived at Warnemünde just after 7:00 this morning with the weather looking a bit overcast. When we first booked this cruise we had the intention to go to Berlin but spending two hours driving to get there then doing pretty much the whole tour driving round when you got there with another two on the way back eventually persuaded us not to go. Berlin will have to wait.
Our back up plan involved a walk in and around Warnemünde but the weather decided not to play ball. Around 8:45 the weather did as forecasted and we had rain so delayed our walking.
We waited until around 11:00 when it eased off a bit before making our move. We got no further than the front end of the Serenade of the Seas before it started to rain again. Not heavy rain but enough for everyone to put hoods and brolly’s up.

We carried on regardless and eventually found ourselves at the beach by the lighthouse. The weather being really miserable but we weren’t going to let it beat us. There were periods of heavier rain and we took shelter under canopies and trees. Because of the weather much of today’s photos were taken on my phone so they won’t be as sharp as usual.

Warnemünde is a pretty little place and I bet it’s a whole lot more fun when the sun shines.
Eventually we stopped for a beer and coffee and waited to see if it would ease of which it did so we made our way back to the ship for a late lunch.

It didn’t rain again after and we got our timing all wrong but never mind, some you win……A completely contrasting set of weather from yesterday.

After an afternoon nap I finished writing this with the aim of going to exchange some of my vouchers in the Sky Lounge.
We are dining at Qsine tonight and I will try and get a few photos to post here tomorrow. Ah and the act on in the theatre is a Freddie Mercury tribute by the name of Steve Larkins who we will give a go later on.

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