Costa Firenze Postcard #8 – Dubai, UAE

First and foremost, we have arrived back in Dubai and our next 2 days will be spent onboard because we are not going to be taking any excursions. We intend to make full use of the ship’s amenities and hopefully there will be some sunshine to go with it. We found Carnival Spirit waiting for us at the port but not connected to the terminal by an air bridge so not back in service yet.



So, to last night and dinner at the speciality restaurant called Hot Pot. Each table has a heated 2 part pot in the centre. Each part is filled with a broth of your choice, there are 4 options to choose from, meat, fish, vegetable & Asian consommé. Nicole selected the vegetarian option while I chose the Asian. You then select what you want to cook in your broth, options are mixed meat platter, fish & seafood platter and mixed vegetable platter. Your broth is brought to your table in a hot flask and poured into your section of the pot which then has the heat turned on underneath. It is then up to you to cook your platter.


Recommended cooking times were 4 minutes for meat and 3 minutes for vegetables. When cooked you take them out of the pot and can either put them in a bowl as a soup using the broth as well or onto the plate and add some hot sauces and toppings. It was very tasty and a fun thing to do and Nicole enjoyed hers immensely.


We also discovered a birthday cake when we got back to the cabin, a nice surprise and great if had been dairy-free. Nicole sliced it up and has shared it with our crew family.

Back to today, after a leisurely breakfast in the MDR (it’s the best place for Nicole’s vegan options), we sat on our balcony and watched some of the passengers disembarking along with a continuous stream of the crew coming and going from ship to terminal which we thought was for booster jabs but it turned out to be one of their 3 day PCR tests.


The ship felt much quieter this morning, because of dress codes ashore, we couldn’t make out if people were going to the airport or taking an excursion. The weather has been overcast all day but still lovely and warm so we have sat out up on deck relaxing in between eating and drinking and a game of crazy golf.


We did sit and watch Carnival Spirit leave port heading off for where ever. So sad to see her without any passengers. Last full day onboard tomorrow so starting to think about the dreaded packing.



Having checked the weather forecast, it doesn’t look as if it is going to be much better than today. Saturday is supposed to be good but we won’t be here to see it.

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