Costa Firenze Postcard #6 – Abu Dhabi & At Sea (originally Sea Day)


This morning we awoke to find that we had been joined by MSC Virtuosa, and it got me wondering how far they would be going with their Covid protocols and if their passengers would be free to get off on their own. Over the last couple of days, we have become very accustomed to Costa’s rules and they are being policed well too so everyone is abiding. We always use the stairs between decks and have a no lift policy, we don’t really see many other passengers doing the same so it is my guess most of the other passengers won’t be aware that deck 6 has been closed off and is being used as Costa Firenze’s Covid area.


We first noticed it the day after we embarked so started asking the crew the reason. From what we have been told, if anyone has tested positive, they are straight off the ship, anyone who has been deemed in close proximity to a positive case will go into isolation for a period of time. I am not sure if this is 5 or 7 days and also whether it also applies to passengers too as there are no official guidelines that we have been made aware of. The crew also have a PCR test every 3 days so Costa seems to be really on top of proceedings. To me, it is as safe as it can be.



Today was originally a full sea day but with all the itinerary changes it became another half day in Abu Dhabi. Our departure was listed as being 2:00 but in true Costa style, we left 2 hours earlier than that. Maybe because everyone was on board it was a simple enough thing to do? The outside decks have been very busy today, with the weather being back to normal it seemed the majority wanted to be outside. I must confess I was getting a little fed up with our views of the area where we were tied up. Apart from the cruise terminal, there was a Covid testing station for the locals with a constant stream of vehicles coming and going. Also, we were able to see a drive-through street food market which was extremely popular, frustrating for us because we couldn’t get off to go and take a look around it.


Linking in with food, for lunch today Nicole had a lunch box from one of the speciality restaurants called Sushino, the name itself should give you a clue.


For €10 you can get a 12 piece box of assorted sushi (Nicole’s being a vegan selection) and if I was to say it didn’t touch the sides you will understand how well it went down.


We spent the early part of the afternoon up on deck 12 away from the masses and enjoyed the warm sunshine, after all, it was one of the reasons we came in the first place.


It clouded over just before 3:30 so we made our way inside to find a bar for a couple of drinks. After a bit of retail therapy, we went back outside and walked 12 laps of the running track. The weather was not only cloudy but now windy too but it was great conditions for doing laps of the ship.


Tomorrow we are at Sir Bani Yas Island so I hope that the weather improves.

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  1. Thanks for the picture of the Virtuosa, we join her shortly for another Yacht Club cruise. From the facebook group I’m a member of they don’t have too many restrictions in Abu Dhabi.

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