Costa Firenze Postcard #2 – Dubai Pre Cruise

We stayed up until around 9:45pm to try and help our body clocks get synchronised with the local time. We both slept really well, I awoke around 6:15 while Nicole said she was roused after hearing the call to prayer from the nearby mosque. After breakfast we went out for another walk and headed towards Jumeirah Beach, we spotted a huge ferris wheel last night through the skyscrapers so thought we would investigate. When are reached the beach we not only spotted the wheel but Costa Firenze too.



I had no idea the cruise terminal had been relocated because the last time we boarded here it was right up the other end of Dubai.

Mask wearing is mandatory here both inside and outside, the only exception is if you are sat to eat and drink. I would say most people are abiding by the rules with about 10% ignoring the rules. After we returned to the hotel we received emails with our negative PCR results which means we are now clear to embark tomorrow. It has been a much more relaxed day and one we have spent much of out by the hotel pool. As soon as the sun had passed by the end of our hotel bringing shade to the pool area we went for an early evening meal with the intention of walking more in the evening.

With dusk falling, we set off for the beach again. This time to see how different it looked in the evening.




What we didn’t expect to see was a drone show followed by fireworks. It apparently happens every night until the end of January. It really is something quite remarkable and fascinating to watch. I have found time to add my phone video to YouTube so you can see more of the show.



When it had finished we carried on walking to the Bluewaters Island where the big wheel is but stopped short of doing anything more because of how busy it was. Something to come back for another day. Every now and again it is very easy to forget Covid is still with us and twice today we have forgotten to put our masks back on.


We eventually made our way back to the hotel after what has been a very enjoyable evening. Embarkation day tomorrow so we should see the drone show from a completely different angle tomorrow night.

Just an observation, we have not seen a policeman, a dog or a cat since we arrived here. There is no graffiti and everyone just seems to get on with life.


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  1. Have they moved ships docking / embarking from Port Raschid ( where you can see the QE2 in the distance) or is the new port only for the larger ships?

  2. You almost make me want to go there…but since I grew up in a desert they hold little attraction for me. The drone/fireworks looked awesome. What a great surprise.

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