Costa Firenze Postcard #10 – Dubai & Disembarking

What an evening our last one onboard turned out to be, I received a comment on the blog saying the next 2 cruises were being reported as cancelled on a Facebook group. This puzzled us because they were still embarking passengers all afternoon so when we went for pre-dinner drinks we asked our barman if he had heard anything and he told us it was true but said it was confidential. 5 minutes after that 2 British ladies came and sat close by and said they had just boarded but were told the cruise was cancelled. It was too late to notify them earlier so Costa had taken them on board while other arrangements could be made to get them home.

The MDR was deserted, only a handful of tables were being used and it felt really odd. Halfway through our meal, there was an announcement over the address system confirming to all what we already knew.




Everyone would be disembarked on the 22nd with no potential start to cruising again until the 4th February. We finished our meal enjoying the full attention of our two waiters and at the end we had a photo taken with them but on their phone. That was a first for us as it’s normally the other way around.

After saying our goodbyes we went back to Bella Bar to have a nightcap and say goodbye to them too. Weirdly enough, they also took a photo of us all on their phone! Twice in one night. The ship was now very deserted so we made our way back to the cabin for a few hours sleep. Our alarm went off at 5:00am and we were dressed and packed by 5:45. We were self disembarking so carried our own cases off, using the lift for the first time to get to deck 0. Our transfer was outside the cruise terminal already and we left at 6:00 for the 30-minute drive to Dubai Airport T1 and our BA flight back to the UK.

I have to say, the Verifly app worked like a dream at DXB, check-in was swift without the need to show any documents.


That’s it from me on this trip and I hope you have enjoyed following us along on this latest adventure.

The latest drone show video is now been uploaded and is at the bottom of postcard #3

4 thoughts on “Costa Firenze Postcard #10 – Dubai & Disembarking”

  1. Yikes! Not so great for those folks who just got on board. Glad you got your days in. Is Costa paying to fly everyone home? We sail tomorrow but you know that if you saw my blog post. All of us tested negative and we are convinced we can get through the cruise without getting sick. Hope you got home OK and your flights weren’t too bad.

    1. Thanks Jim, I believe Costa are paying to fly them home with the usual refunds plus a free 7 night cruise in the med as compensation.
      Some great photos of Key West sunrise on your blog 👍🏻
      Long may you remain negative.

  2. I have been reading all your blogs. Excellent. Very interesting reading about cruising in these strange times. We are booked to sail 40 nights to the Carribean next month but not packing yet!

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