Regal Princess Postcard #5 – Southampton & Disembarking


This morning just before daybreak we glided into Southampton. Unusually and something new for us, we arrived at at different terminal from the one we left from and this morning we are at the Ocean Cruise Terminal. Not sure of the circumstances but it did provide a great photo opportunity of QM2 who docked at the City Terminal.


As is our final morning routine, we took breakfast in the Concerto Dining Room which apart from being just that bit early for us was still very enjoyable with excellent service once again. I think our first evening experience should be forgotten and put down to a couple of inexperienced waiters. Our meeting point for disembarking was at 9:00 in the Symphony Dining Room and the transit from ship to shore went smoothly.


Despite the inconsistencies with some of the service we received along with the intermittent Medallion App we have enjoyed our time onboard Regal Princess. The last 2 days resurrected any future chance of us cruising with them again at some point.

A big bonus is they now have a vegan menu in the MDR which will certainly be taken into consideration in the future. Who knows, Princess might even take the lead and include a dish or two in one of the speciality restaurants. Now that would be good if anyone from Princess Cruises ever reads this.

So until the next time…….

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  1. Great to hear about the vegan MDR menu, I know it was a concern before the cruise. Not sure why but on our Princess cruise we also went in and out of different terminals but as were were being collected by family it wasn’t an issue. I think retrofitting the new technology has its issues. It sounds like those cruising on Regal have had a lesser experience.

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