Regal Princess Postcard #3 – Sea Day 1

Today was the first of two sea days before we return to Southampton. After yesterday’s breakfast in the Horizon Court, we decided to use the MDR this morning. Although it was less crowded, we still didn’t receive the experience we were expecting. The crew just didn’t seem to know exactly what they should be doing at times which left us baffled, it was almost like some had never done the job before. 


After breakfast, I went back to the cabin for a post-breakfast nap as I didn’t feel like I had slept enough despite the really comfortable beds. It also gave me the chance to write some of the blog for publishing later in the day.  For lunch, we decided to try something different and went for a pizza at Alfredo’s. As it was a sea day, by the time we had gotten around to booking they only had tables from 3:30 onwards. We ended up booking then went up to the pool deck for a few drinks to pass the time.  I have to say, Alfredo’s is quite possibly the best meal we have had so far and staffed by the crew who were on par with what we have come to expect onboard a ship. Even Nicole was able to eat pizza with the vegetarian one modified so that it was vegan.


We had our evening meal booked for 7:00 but when we tried to rearrange it for something later were told not possible and to just turn up. So we will try this and if we can’t get in, it’s up to Horizon Court for their curry evening.  I took time out to go and explore the ship some more and because of the strong winds, the open decks were deserted. I love it when the weather is like this, and it makes an amazing backdrop for some of the photographs. It has also given me something photo-wise to post today.





I don’t want to grumble too much but we are not finding the Princess product on this cruise a good fit. There are positives but there are more negatives than we would like. Even our inexperienced cruise companions are noticing certain things which to me speaks volumes. I know from previous experience that a ship can feel totally different from one cruise to another having done back to back cruises in the past, so perhaps we have just hooked a poor one for us. There are certainly a lot more older passengers on here than we are used to so maybe that is contributing? Nicole summed it up this morning, saying the ship feels soulless and I have to agree with her.  We are enjoying the company of our friends but seeing their disappointment when certain aspects are not as good as they ought to be is making us feel rather guilty.  Anyway, we have another full day tomorrow and hopefully, things will improve. 



2 thoughts on “Regal Princess Postcard #3 – Sea Day 1”

  1. Very well described , there was something odd going on with the staff and overall service. Soulless and I felt as though many staff must have disembarked in Southampton when we boarded. Certainly not the usual Princess experience.

  2. Your wife’s description of a ship being “soulless” makes so much sense. I totally get that feeling.If it makes you feel any better we have experienced it on other cruise lines (Celebrity, RCCL, etc.). It a particular cruise. That said, we have never been on Princess. As a TA, I refuse to book them because every client/friend who comes back from Princess is just not happy. Plus, their booking engine for TAs sucks.

    Did like your photos. I am with you on those skies. They look good.

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