Regal Princess Postcard #4 – Sea Day 2

We have reached our final day on board Regal Princess and we have received our disembarkation luggage tags so will be off the ship by 9:00 tomorrow morning.


It’s been a strange day in as much we have done very little except for walking 21 laps (3 miles) of the exercise track just before some heavy showers arrived. The rest of the afternoon we have just sat and chatted and made the most of our drinks package. We sat within close proximity of the Prego Pizzeria so we were constantly being tempted by a slice or two to compliment our imbibing.



On this cruise, there has been much talk about the Medallion App and its lack of functionality on this ship. It has worked well on occasions then gone missing for long periods. The crew don’t seem to be using it either, often going back to pen and paper to take orders. If it worked properly on this cruise then it would be amazing. Sadly it hasn’t and it’s only highlighted how poor technology can be when it fails to deliver.


Early evening I met up with a Twitter friend Simon Evans who then came with me to say hello to some fellow bloggers Paul and Carole, be sure to check out their website and YouTube channel for some useful and entertaining cruise reviews. (


Unfortunately, the time spent with these guys was far too short and I had to make my excuses to leave and get ready for the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the brief time spent with them and only wish that I had more time at my disposal. Maybe our paths will cross again soon sometime in the future.


Tonight’s evening meal was in the Concerto Dining Room and was a vast improvement from our last visit. Service was excellent along with the food and I can only highlight there has been a lack of consistency in this department.


With cases needing to be out before 10:00 which we did prior to going to dinner. The Vista Lounge was our destination for our last evening onboard and a final opportunity to enjoy the house band Meridian.

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  1. There appears to be an over reliance on app / mobile technology these days which as we have seen with UK test and trace can be less than effective. I am no luddite but distrust new systems which are not fully run in – at least you had the old fashioned note pad system. Last Princess cruise for us was 2013 (Emerald) so not sure just how much bigger their ships are now and if they are only partially filled I can understand the soulless feel. We only used them for specific itineraries and they worked well for us in the past. Our more recent cruising has been on small ships like Azamara, Regent or Oceania. Thanks for giving us a flavour of the ship and Rotterdam

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