Regal Princess Postcard #2 – Rotterdam, Netherlands

We thought we would have a welcome extra hour in our very comfortable bed due to the clocks going back early this morning but what we neglected to consider was we would be visiting Rotterdam so we would be adjusting to their time zone too (GMT+1). What we essentially had could be called a time change-time change!!



We took breakfast this morning in Horizon Court which was super busy, had we not been caught out by the time change, we had planned to go to the dining room. We will be better prepared tomorrow.

We seized the rest of the morning before our arrival at Rotterdam to explore the ship a little so we now have a better idea of the ship layout.

Our stop at Rotterdam today was the first time we have visited a foreign port since November 2019 and it was a great feeling to step onto foreign soil again.

The sail in is fascinating with all the industries dotted along the channel making it a very interesting spectacle. With clearance given and with showers forecast, we set off to take a look at the Cube Houses and then visit Markthal indoor food market.

We stopped for a few drinks before making our way back to the ship in the rain. We have had a great day in Rotterdam and it’s been fantastic to finally see somewhere other than the UK.

Tonight was the first time we have been on board a ship over Halloween and we weren’t quite sure how much Princess would embrace the occasion. The display below of pumpkins showed some very special and clever talent from some of the crew.


6 thoughts on “Regal Princess Postcard #2 – Rotterdam, Netherlands”

  1. Love your pictures of Rotterdam, looking to book a couple of days there next year. Enjoying the blog, keep up the good work.

  2. Looks like the Dutch architects had just been in a local ” coffee shop”, Nice pictures, not yet been to Rotterdam. Currently cruising by proxy, keep up the good work

    1. It’s a strange feeling after all this time to set foot on foreign soil. On one hand you feel totally exhllerated to be traveling internationally again but then there is a lot of trepidation about whether it’s too soon. I suppose we just have to knuckle down and learn to live with it.

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