Costa Firenze Postcard #8 – Marseille, France

I know it’s probably against the rules but we retired early last night as we were both feeling pretty worn out. I think being as it was 10:30 should just allow us get away with it. Today was our last full day onboard Costa Firenze again all of a sudden it has gone really quickly. This was our third time here, once we never got off, and the last time we took the shuttle into the marina, the latter is what we did again today.

However as a curved ball the drop off point had changed to the opposite end of the marina but it didn’t stop us from walking up and down both sides. One of our objectives today was to visit the Savon Soap museum and shop to pick up some of the vegan soap Nicole uses. It’s not a very big museum but very interesting to learn how it’s made, a process that hasn’t changed in hundreds of years.

After getting our exercise, we returned to the ship for lunch and to spend time out on the top deck. Before I settled down, I took a stroll along the port access road to see and get some photos of Celebrity Beyond who has been tied up behind us all day. I hadn’t realised that she still has some traditional balcony cabins alongside the Infinite Veranda cabins.

We also had a rematch of crazy golf and Nicole has improved considerably, but not just enough. Drinks at Bella Bar followed by packing, a quick drink at Lounge Della Moda and then down to dinner for the last time on this cruise. We have had a great time back onboard Costa Firenze and are already in discussion about another Costa cruise next year.

2 thoughts on “Costa Firenze Postcard #8 – Marseille, France”

  1. Well that cruise went by fast. Seems like you just left. But any day on a cruise ship is a good one.

    Sorry you had to run into the Beyond. Those ships are just sad. As someone who has been on 30+ cruises with Celebrity, they were the first thing that really sent X in the wrong direction. And don’t get me started about the “Infiite Verandahs” which really aren’t verandah staterooms at all—just outside staterooms with a window that opens. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who has sailed in one that liked it. Especially the part where you can’t open the window without shutting off your AC. Yikes. Can you imagine your current cruise in all that heat with no AC? At least you can go out on your Costa verandah and have a glass of wine knowing if it gets too hot, you can walk back inside to a cool stateroom. With an “Infinite Verandah” you get to wait half an hour while the stateroom cools back down. What lousy design. A huge part of why we are done with Celebrity.

    But I am so glad you had a great cruise. And thanks for taking us along.

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