Costa Firenze Postcard #3 – Sea Day

The ship is so much busier than our cruise last January, it’s great to see it full of people all enjoying what it has to offer. Along with ourselves, a lot of Spanish passengers embarked yesterday and the second sitting in the MDR was quite chaotic as you would imagine, the downside for us is our table with the waiters serving us were also looking after a large family group of 19 all on one extended table. They were very hard work for our waiters and as a consequence we received very poor service. It took over an hour for Nicole to get her first vegan course by which time I had eaten 2 of mine. Not a great start and our waiters were very apologetic, they said if we would like to move to first sitting then they would do their utmost to give us some proper service. Unfortunately they are only playing the hand they have been dealt with and really should only have been looking after the large family group and nobody else. Wanting to give them a second chance we spoke with the restaurant manager and got moved to first sitting. Fingers crossed tonight will be a big improvement. What did come as a surprise last night was Nicole was handed a vegan breakfast menu to choose from. Now that is a first and Nicole was delighted with the selection. I will go into more detail about this when we get home with photos and details in the Cruising With my Vegan Wife section of the blog.

We both slept really well but were awake fairly early so decided to go for breakfast as soon as the MDR opened. Stopping off enroute for a view over the ships wake. Nicole’s breakfast surpassed expectations and for some bizarre reason the portions were way too much. They even brought me 4 fried eggs instead of 2 so rather than waste them I managed to find room for them. Both feeling rather full we walked a few circuits of the jogging track before finding a couple of sunbeds.

It was nice to see the lido pool roof open too, the last cruise it was closed the whole time. It looks completely different when open and almost looks like a different ship altogether.

The water slides are extremely popular which is great because last time we were onboard they were closed completely the whole time. For lunch, Nicole had sushi while I went to the buffet for a salad and some grilled chicken.

The afternoon was very lazy spending a couple of hours on the sunbeds before the heat got too much and we retired to the Lounge Bar Della Moda for some shade and a few drinks. It’s been a perfect sea day.

Time to go find out if our MDR experience will have improved……

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  1. Sorry to hear of your dining problems We once had a similar experience in 2011 out of Miami at Christmas on Oceania Marina with a table for 20 hogging the waiters. Luckily on the second night the Maitre D’ allocated us free dining in the speciality Italian restaurant. Good to hear than vegans are well catered for. It will be of interest to my wifes sisters husband. They have cruised with Costa before ( we have not – preferring smaller ships if possible) Anyway Bon Voyage!

  2. 19 at one table? That’s nuts. When we have a group that big we break it down. Makes it easier on the servers. Amazing about the vegan menu. I will use that with some clients who are vegans. I have sent them to that page on your website.They were impressed. Hope dinner was better last night.

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