Celebrity Reflection Postcard #6 Istanbul

We arrived shortly before 6:30am this morning and were able to watch the sunrise over the Bosphorus Bridge, quite stunning it was too.

Sunrise over the Bosphorus

The forecast was for it to be cloudy (and no rain!) so we decided that being as we were stopping overnight we would go out in the afternoon and hopefully miss all the ships tours.

Storms clouds approaching

Around midday we heard a few claps of thunder in the distance and then about half an hour later the skies emptied and it rained until just after 3:00pm. Due to the time of time of day it was decided that we would stay on board and perhaps venture out in the morning. Apart from a few crew we were the only ones up on the pool deck during the storm which considering there are over 3480 passengers on board was quite a strange feeling.
The ship is due to leave at 1:00pm so there should be time to at least take a walk in the morning.

A deserted and wet deck 14 in Istanbul
A very wet deck 14

The sun did eventually come out again and it was really quite pleasant for the remaining hours of daylight. We again made the most of a deserted ship until the ships tours started to arrive back. Had this been our first visit it would have been quite disappointing but having been twice before there are not many things we haven’t seen here so it wasn’t a great loss. Not at all the sort of weather we had anticipated in Istanbul and I gather its not much better back in the UK either.

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