Celebrity Reflection Postcard #4 Santorini – A tender port

Last nights formal evening was well attended and I have to say I did not see one person entering the dining room that hadn’t made the effort. All three boys on our table attended too and were also dressed for the part. Alex even wore one of my bowties just to finish off the look, his mum was really proud of him however as soon as the main course was over he was off to get into something a little more comfortable.
We arrived back to the cabin at the end of the evening to find a towel penguin sitting on the bed along with chocolates on the pillow.

Our towel Penguin

This morning we were still at sea and arrived at Santorini and just after 1:30 where the local tender boats were soon off loading the passengers who had booked ships excursions. We had decided not to get off and the ship and very soon had the ship nearly all to ourselves. Also anchored at Santorini were MSC Fantasia and the Splendour of the Seas so like our last visit here the cable car would have been really busy reinforcing our decision to stay on board and enjoy the ships hotel facilities.

MSC Fantasia and Splendour of the Seas at Santorini

I reckon there were around 100 or so people left on board when the tendering had calmed down and the announcements had stopped. We virtually had the pool deck all to ourselves which was in complete contrast to yesterday when you would have found it difficult to find somewhere to stand even.

Celebrity Reflection Pool all to ourselves
Celebrity Reflection Pool all to ourselves (well nearly)
Celebrity Reflection Pool all to myself!

Not only was the pool deserted but the rest of the ship was virtually deserted too. A big plus was the buffet was also deserted and we could easily wander round and select what goodies to eat for lunch and also finding a seat in our favourite area at the aft to eat today wasn’t a problem.

Celebrity Reflection Oceanview Cafe open seating area

We don’t set sail until 10:00pm tonight so I am hoping to get some really nice sunset photos. Santorini is apparently very good for that sort of thing.

This is as near as we got to Santorini today

While I think of it, the kids club has been a bit of a disaster where Alex is concerned, the first night he attended the main item on the agenda was of all things dancing! To scarper would be a too insignificant a word to describe Alex’s exit from the club. Fortunately for him he has struck up a friendship with one of the other boys on our dining table and they seem to be getting on really well. They both went back to the club yesterday to see what was happening only to find they were playing a table tennis competition which again drew a blank. I think once you get to a certain age it is difficult to entertain youngsters of their age, especially boys.

Tomorrow is another sea day which will mean the ship will be busy again so we will try and find some space up on the Solstice deck out of everyone’s way and catch some sun.

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