Scarlet Lady Postcard #3 – Sea Day 2

This morning Nicole decided to get up a bit earlier and go to a couple of the free classes. Something called Sun Worshippers (sun salutations, chakra balancing) followed by a Slow Flow Yoga class. She came back totally invigorated. I, on the other hand, took the opportunity to go around and take some more photos, stopping briefly for some coffee and toast. 



The Wake from The Wake



When we eventually got back from our solo time, we again took breakfast in The Galley which does cater best for both of us.   With the sun out, we made our way up a deck to sit outside, I took my chance to experience the Suspended Catamaran Net which is hung over 9 decks of open space. Not for the faint-hearted and a very unique and unusual experience.

We sat outside until a squall of rain forced us inside. When it passed over we came back out by the pool but again came back in due to the cold wind, eventually finding ourselves back out by the circle of beds by the net which provided us with shelter from the wind. 

We made a second visit to Razzle Dazzle for lunch and then with virtually clear skies we found a nice comfortable sofa on the prom deck (7) for the best part of the afternoon. 

Virgin Voyages claim 20 eateries on Scarlet Lady and there is a bit of licence in that statement. The Galley makes up 6 or 7 of the 20 and by my calculations there are only 6 of what I would classify as proper restaurants. The Wake which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Razzle Dazzle which is open the same but the others are only open in the evening such as Pink Agave, The Test Kitchen, Gunbae and Extra Virgin. For our last night onboard we decided to try Pink Agave which is classed as Elevated Mexican, it was either that or Gunbae which is a Korean BBQ.  Our evening went really well and once again we both ate really well. The only downside to all this is that the menus didn’t appear to change and remained the same throughout the cruise. I was very surprised that the main restaurants didn’t at least have one or two different menus.  Tomorrow morning we get off and have booked a 9:00 slot via the App and I will do one final post when I get home. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my return to cruise rambling. 

4 thoughts on “Scarlet Lady Postcard #3 – Sea Day 2”

  1. Glad you had the courage to do that catamaran net. Not for the faint of heart is right. Rest of the ship looks kind of austere. Super impressed at how few people were on board or did you get up at 5:00 am to take the pics?

  2. Great blog Wansbrough and the photos are wonderful. I love the red circular sofa in the high deck, looks like an ideal place to chill out away from it all.
    We might give Virgin voyages a go if we get the chance in the future especially if they carry on sailing from our local port of Portsmouth , the ship looks smart. My sister boarded scarlet lady today so I will see how she feels about the ship when I see her.

  3. An impressive overview ( with photos). Probably too large a ship for us but we now prefer smaller ships – depending on the itinerary / deal on offer. Still you have broken the moluld of cruise lockdown. How long for more exotic destinations to open up??

  4. Thanks for posting such an informative account with great photos Mike. Scarlet Lady isn’t for me but it’s always good to read a first hand account from a seasoned cruiser.

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