Scarlet Lady Postcard #2 – Sea Day 1

I had a great nights sleep but still woke up feeling quite tired. It was amazing to at long last open the curtains and see the sea, blue skies and a few clouds, however, it wasn’t to last.


We decided to have breakfast in The Galley this morning as it provided a lot more options for both of us. Although not strictly a buffet, it does have many similarities and there is plenty of selection. Drinks and pastries can be collected from the appropriate station yourself but anything cooked needs to be ordered with one of the waiting staff and are then delivered to your table. It does work rather well albeit a bit slow this morning.

The Galley


Afterwards, we started to explore the ship some more but only the inside decks as the weather had taken a turn for the worse and provided us with some rain which at times was quite heavy. Two of the eateries we looked at were Extra Virgin, Razzle Dazzle and it was an ideal time as most were closed and empty.

Extra Virgin
Razzle Dazzle
The Roundabout


Instead of a seapass card, we were issued with bands with our first name on them that are made from recycled materials, they seem to work well but if I am honest, I much prefer to have a card. In order to use them for payment, you need to tap them against the mobile unit your server is carrying which at times has been a little awkward. More often than not, when making payment, they have not even bothered with it and just asked for our surname instead. There is never a receipt or bill to look at as it is all recorded via the app.


Because of the weather, we retired to the cabin, Nicole making good use of the hammock and reading a book, I on the other hand went for a nap.


We took lunch in The Galley and while gazing out to sea, noticed that the skies were clearing so decided to explore the open decks. We ended up lying out there for an hour or so which was great, considering the earlier weather.




At 5:30 we made our way to the Red Room to watch something called Duel Reality, it’s very loosely based on Romeo and Juliet and involved splitting the audience into two groups, red and blue, both on opposite sides of the area where the performance was taking place. It’s a real treat for the eyes with lots of gymnastic skills on display with a dozen or so very talented individuals. It’s a must-see on this ship. Our meal this evening was in The Wake which is a steak and seafood restaurant, they do a bare minimum selection for Nicole and so she agreed to go as a treat for me. I can report that we both had a fabulous meal in what is a great location. We have had a really super first day onboard and are looking forward to another tomorrow, it really does feel amazing to be back on a ship again.

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  1. So great to be reading about someone sailing. The ship looks rather unique. Not sure about the black and white checkerboard. Somewhat disturbing 😜). Keep up the great work. Want to know all about the newest cruise line on the block.

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