Covid -19 Postcard #3 – A Return to Weymouth Bay

After having to self isolate for 14 days because of being in contact with a family member who tested positive for Covid-19, we thought that a day out was high on the agenda for our first day of freedom. Where should we go? Well, in the end, we decided a return visit to Weymouth would be good and a coastal walk along the opposite side of the bay to Portland providing somewhere different for us to explore.

We made an early start from home and arrived in Weymouth just after 9:00, after a hearty breakfast, we then made a 10-minute drive to Bowleaze Cove. From there we walked the coastal path for 2¼ miles to Osmington Mills and with heavy showers forecast, we made sure we had the appropriate clothing. As luck would have it, full waterproofs weren’t required on this occasion because we seemed to dodge all the bad weather, we could see the showers rolling in across the bay, fortunately, none passed directly over, but the threat was always there.

At Osmington Mills we had hoped to have a drink and a quick snack in the Smugglers Inn before making the return journey. Very disappointed to get there only to be told no walk-in customers today, only pre-bookings and they were fully booked. With 50 plus empty picnic tables outside and pubs in other areas being told to close, it was a very strange reception.
There was nothing to it other than to make our way back to Bowleaze Cove and enjoy the sunshine, the weather being much brighter on the return leg.

We got much closer to the ships today which the photos don’t seem to have captured very well. Still, it was great to get out into the fresh air after 14 days being stuck at home.

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  1. Note the captcha is NOT working correctly on the latest posting on 6th August 2021- the roundest item is a cicle and it rejects it

  2. Thanks for the update Wans….
    All those ghost ships just sitting there waiting for the return of their souls….us the passengers.

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