Covid -19 Postcard #1 – 2020: A Year Like No Other

I decided to write this post because I felt an urge to record what has happened this year and at the same time just make at least one contribution to the blog in 2020.

The very last thing I wrote on this blog was on the 12 November 2019, little did I know how the world was about to be turned upside down in the months that followed by a global coronavirus pandemic that was given the name of Covid-19. These were the words at the end of my last post……………….

We now have nothing booked so I have no idea when the next instalment will be or even what it will be, fingers crossed we don’t have to wait too long.

By the end of 2019, all we had managed to book was a cruise that wasn’t sailing until 2022 (some 3 years ahead), with nothing else for the preceding two years.  All I can say for certain is its very unusual for us not to have at least one cruise in the pipeline that isn’t too far away and you could almost say it was like we had some sort of subconscious premonition that something was about to happen?

When 2020 arrived, all we had in the calendar for the year ahead was a land based holiday to see family in South Africa and a long weekend in Budapest but because of the coronavirus situation neither have happened. Foreign travel simply has not been an option for us in 2020 so we have just knuckled down and got on with our strange existence, fortunate to still have a jobs and able to work while also having the small saving grace of being able to put some money aside for future experiences when this all blows over or a vaccine is found.

Being in lockdown and working from home has given me the opportunity to spend a little time on the blog, lots of sorting out of photos and not that many of you will have spotted but I have also changed the WordPress theme as the old one was a little dated. I have hopefully managed to keep everything looking as close to the original as possible and it shouldn’t need updating now for a long time.

So, what next? Well currently I cannot even bring myself to consider looking at cruises, with most of the cruise lines at the moment abandoning any of their itinerary’s until the end of November and some even until the beginning of next year, it would be foolish to even look at anything until a vaccine is widely available.

This will only be the second year that we have not taken a cruise since we started in 2006, the previous time was in 2008 but at least back then we actually managed to set foot on a ship with a visit on HAL’s Eurodam. The nearest we have been to ship this year is when we went for a walk from Sandbanks to Old Harry Rocks and spotted 3 ships (Aurora, Arcadia and Queen Victoria) anchored off the coast of Bournemouth.

Its not been the easiest of times but at least we are all fit and healthy here, and I hope that this post finds you safe and well too. No doubt, you will be just like us, waiting for the green light to pick up where we left off.

Fingers crossed we won’t have to wait too long.

4 thoughts on “Covid -19 Postcard #1 – 2020: A Year Like No Other”

  1. Mike,

    I commented on your reply to my post in case you don’t get a notification. Hope to talk again soon. What part of the UK are you in. I am figuring you may be south based on your recent road trip. We have really close friends in Leeds up North. Spent a week with the last summer. Supposed to go back around Christmas but…not this year.


    1. Thanks Jim, I did get a notification to say that you have replied. At least some things still work okay. We are South West and our location is very convenient for the south coast.

  2. Our final cruise was 20th Feb to 17th March 2020 on Azamara Quest (nominally) from Cape town to Dubai. In the end we were banned by the Covid paranoia re cruise ships from landing in Madagascar , Sri Lanka ,India and Dubai and ended up landing in Muscat early (13th) , transferring by plane to Dubai then onto Heathrow on 17th March where there was NO form of contol or testing – followed by the lock down a week later.
    I suspect that our Azmara Quest cruise from Argentina round Brazil over Xmas 2020 ( booked Jan 2020) will be cancelled.
    On our small ship (700 passengers) the only virus detected was a low incidence of Noro which was very efficiently eliminated over 2-3 days by individual self isolation.
    We are not holding our breath as to when cruising will ( safely) restart and remain in self imposed quarantine one of us is medically at risk (even if the government doesn’t think so).Good luck to all fellow dedicated cruisers

    1. Nice to hear from you Ian and sorry to hear your last cruise didn’t go entirely as planned. Were Azamara open and helpful during the end of your cruise, also did you get any recompense?
      Its a very strange existence at the moment and I for one will be glad when a vaccine is available to all so some sort of normality can be resumed.

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