Celebrity Eclipse Postcard #11 – St. Johns, Antigua

After the exhilarating day we had yesterday it is not surprising we were both feeling a little tired this morning. No show for us last night either as we didn’t fancy it. The billing read like this……
Violinist Extraordinaire: David Klinkenberg
David has appeared on radio and television across the United States and Europe including the acclaimed PBS International. He has toured with Grammy winners such as Jim Brickman, Richy McDonald of Lonestar, Celtic Women and Dino Kartsonakis. His latest release is one of the best selling instrumental albums of 2012. From modern to classical David will thrill you with his virtuosity.
Today is a certain persons birthday and it was the main reason for this cruise so it’s quite fitting we were at one of our favourite islands. After we had returned to the cabin after breakfast we were surprised to find the steward had put up some decorations and a Happy Birthday banner. He must have spotted the birthday card and then done some checks as we have only mentioned the occasion to our table mates.

For some reason clearance took 25 minutes today but it didn’t hamper our plans. There seems to be a bit of a theme running with the weather as once again there was a heavy shower of rain just as we were about to get off. It soon cleared and then it was time to go grab a taxi. At St. Johns they have official taxi despatchers which is good thing. Having located their kiosk we booked our ride our favourite beach which is Fort James Beach and at an area called Millers ByThe Sea. We have been twice before and just love it there, it’s close to the port and on previous visits its never been busy.  The taxi cost $12 each way and today we had a driver called Sam who was full of chatter.

We arrived at the beach to find the facilities had all been modernised since out last visit, gone was the little beach shop which has been converted into seating area for the restaurant, the shop moved to another building and all new sun beds and umbrellas. There are lots more staff now and you can even get drinks brought to you on the beach. It’s still a beautiful beach but maybe now lost a little of its old charm. By all accounts the daughter has taken over the business from her father and upgraded everything. We used to love the fact you could hear the radio in the shop which was always tuned into the local station but sadly that has now gone.
Our taxi picked us up at 3:00 and took us back to St. Johns where we browsed the shops for a while before heading back on board ship.

Another nice surprise waiting for Nicole were some chocolates and strawberries courtesy of the Celebrity Captains Club Hostess. Word seems to out…..

We sail at 6:00 tonight then it’s off to St.Kitts. There is a good chance we may not get off there as we didn’t find the beaches to our liking. But you never know we could surprise ourselves yet.

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