Celebrity Eclipse Postcard #1 – The journey to Miami

The wait is finally over and earlier this morning we started our 2 day journey to the ship. It was a very early start for our drive to Heathrow’s T3 where we caught our British Airways flight 207 to Miami. The journey to the airport was quite uneventful but after we had dropped our cases off and passed through security we decided to go and get some breakfast.
During  breakfast in The Bridge restaurant Nicole suddenly started pointing at someone while standing with her mouth wide open in amazement. I wondered what an earth was going on and then suddenly realised she was pointing at one of her oldest friends who at this point was doing a mirror image gesture back at her. We haven’t seen her for a few years and it was just amazing to unexpectedly bump into someone you know and more specifically somewhere you wouldn’t normally expect to. Lots of hugs and a few tears and I found myself apologising to the couple on the next table for the excited behaviour. It then transpired that not only were they at the same airport, same terminal and same restaurant but on the same flight too. What are the chances of that? After we had sat and chatted for while and swapped itineraries she went off for breakfast with the rest of her party while we continued eating ours. Shortly after the couple on the next table got up to leave and as they were going the lady turned to us and with a smile on her face said “see you on the ship”. She must have overheard where we were going and realised yet another coincidence. Small world or what!!!!

Our flight left pretty much on schedule and was actually one of the smoothest trans Atlantic crossings we have flown. We arrived 4 minutes ahead of schedule to clear blue skies and a temperature of 28C.
A twenty minute drive by taxi and we were soon at out hotel and I have to concede the view from our room is far better than I could have imagined.

To say the room is fantastic is an understatement, it’s on the eleventh floor and looks directly out over the port and we should get a great view of the ships in the morning.
Tonight we have been out for something to eat and ventured down to an area called Bayside which is all shops and restaurants. Being a Saturday night it was extremely busy and very lively. We ate at a Cuban restaurant and I have to say the food was excellent.

We have stayed up as long as we could manage but have finally decided enough is enough for today. Tomorrow we get on the ship so yet another busy day.
Sad news is my tablet is dying!!!!

So here’s me signing off for day one.

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    1. Fingers crossed the tablet doesn’t throw another wobbly as it is a big player in being able to post my photos. Failing that I have my phone but it’s just not the same.

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