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Between 2:00 and about 3:30 this morning it felt like the world was coming to an end, thunder and lightning with the most torrential rain I have ever seen. The fact that it woke me up is a testament to the noise it made. Fortunately this morning things had cleared for our day out.

Early start this morning and were able to catch the tender across to Yorkeys Knob at 7:10. From there we called the car hire who promptly dropped our car off at the boatclub within 10 minutes​. After dropping him back off to his office on route we then headed on to Freshwater Station to catch the 9:55 train to Kuranda. Most people either go up or down on the Sky Rail and do the return leg on Kuranda Scenic Railway but as there is not a hope in hell of Nicole doing the cable car we took the train both ways.

We had time to enjoy breakfast at the station which was a nice change from ship food. Our journey up was booked in a Gold Class carriage which means better carriages with more comfortable seats and you are served drinks and snacks on route. It was a really lovely way to travel along this small scenic railway which was hand made over 100 years ago. Lots of tunnels, cuttings and bridges and fantastic views all the way up to Kuranda.

We had two hours at the top wandering around the village which in itself was really nice, very laid back with lots of little shops and bars to immerse yourself in.

On the train back we travelled in a normal carriage which was equally as good in its own way. We sat on the same side of the carriage as going up so were able to get the view from the other side.

On arrival back at Freshwater Station the skies again opened and we had to make a dash for the car. Being as we had use of a vehicle we headed north along the Captain Cook Highway for ¾ hour which is a road I enjoyed driving along 15 years ago on a previous visit here. Not the same experience today in the rain but still nice to see it all the same.

On the way back to the boat club we picked up the car hire man so he could take the car straight back after we had finished with it. It’s been a great day and I have little time to say much tonight so will leave it at that and just add a selection of photos.

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