Celebrity Solstice Postcard #15 – Sea Day 3

Today was the last day of the cruise and a sea day. Ever since leaving Halong Bay there has been little or no internet because of something to do with being in Chinese waters. The weather hasn’t been great so it’s been a bit of a quiet one. Nicole seized the opportunity to pack this morning so that is done and all we need to do is put the cases out later. We collected our passports this morning and also picked up Hong Kong landing and departure cards which I filled in almost straight away. We met up with the couple we will be doing a city tour tomorrow and spent a couple of hours chatting with them in the Sky Lounge before trying to get some food. The Oceanview Cafe was a total no go area at lunchtime so we visited the Mast Grille for a burger and fries and sat outside and ate them out of the wind. On the way back to the cabin we passed some of the entertainment that had been put on by Celebrity, this is good as it gets!!! Who can fold and throw a paper plane the furthest!! Even now I can hear cruise director Pete saying “there’s so much going on onboard today” and sounding like actually believes it. ????

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Solstice Postcard #15 – Sea Day 3”

  1. Just loved the sarcasm over the entertainment being ‘as good as it gets’. We had a similar veined cruise director on our recent Azamara cruise – I wonder where they have the lobotomy done? Enjoy Hong Kong.

  2. Ok, I give up. What can Nicole eat at the Mast Grille? Do they do veggie burgers? Of course I never ask. But that’s my guess. And so great you got this full day of incredibly interesting activities. I am jealous. Did you win the paper airplane challenge ????.

    1. I know what you are thinking, and the answer is quite simple. She had fries, a bap and filled it with tomato, lettuce, onion and pickle with a splash of ketchup to finish. We didn’t need to queue, had no issues finding somewhere to sit so a win win situation.
      Paper airplane?? I couldn’t even bear to watch.

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