MSC Seaview Postcard #6 – A Sea Day

I was sat in the Sports Bar posting the blog as we sailed out of Valletta and never felt any movement at all. It wasn’t until I looked up that I realized we were on our way to Barcelona. No sooner had we left port the winds picked up and any hope of eating outside evaporated.
My food in the buffet was excellent last night but for Nicole not so and she is now beginning to look forward to getting off so that she can get a bit more of a variation. On the plus side, we gave the buzzer another go and surprise, surprise it was a success. Order taken within 10 minutes and drinks following soon after.
The rest of the evening was spent in the Atrium on Deck 7 where we listened to the live band, had a few drinks and generally people watched.



The winds remained over night and we wondered how it would affect today which was a sea day. The answer was quite a bit, sitting outside was virtually impossible and inside was extremely busy with so many people all wandering around.

With Nicole needing to graze we grabbed seats early in the buffet which worked out spot on. I had a really nice pasta lunch which is the third day on the trot I have really enjoyed the pasta on this cruise. What with all prime public areas already taken we decided to go and make use of our balcony. It was sheltered from the winds and there was just enough sunshine to make it feel really nice.

Later in the afternoon Nicole made use of the sea day and went to the gym to do the next part of her challenge which was a 10km run. Rather her than me!!!!! I on the other hand headed for the Sports Bar and made use of the drinks package. They have over 10 different draught beers there including Guinness and Newcastle Brown Ale.

With little out of the ordinary to share today I am going to do a quick gallery of different areas of the ship that we have enjoyed over the cruise.

Tonight is our last night onboard and case’s have to be out by 1:00am and we have to be out of the cabin by 7:00 in morning. We still have one more night away which we will be spending in Barcelona flying back on Saturday evening. I will cover that and disembarkation in tomorrow’s post.

Make what you will of this sign in the bathroom of our cabin……..


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