Pompeii Tour Guide – Pina Paesano

In 2010 we visited Naples while cruising on the Norwegian Epic and used a company called AP Tours to get us around and visit places such as Pompeii, Vesuvius & Positano. AP Tours made all the arrangements which included booking a guide for us at Pompeii. The guide they chose for our trip round the famous ruins of the ancient town was Pina Paesano. We were absolutely delighted with the service and the tour that Pina provided and so when we knew that we were going back I decided to try and track her down.

Luckily for us Pina has her own website which can be found by following this link (http://www.guidingexpert.it) Here your will find all her contact details.

 I promptly sent an e-mail to Pina asking if she would be available to give us another tour and I received a reply confirming her availability. The result of which means Pina will be giving us our second tour of Pompeii on 24 July 2013. We are eagerly looking forward to our second instalment.

Pina Paesano – Pompeii Tour Guide

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