Celebrity Solstice Postcard #9 – Sea Day 2

We awoke this morning to beautiful calm seas, it was quite misty and at times it was difficult to separate the sea from the sky on the horizon. However, during breakfast we encountered some really dark storm clouds which produced some showers and then it clouded over completely.

During the morning there were a few showers and by midday there were enough breaks in the clouds to make it pleasant enough to sit outside.
It stayed like that until about 2:00 so we decided to brave the Oceanview Cafe for lunch which thankfully wasn’t that busy.
I spent about an hour on my phone seeing if I could find anything of interest near the port of Phu My but there was nothing that jumped out at me. Every search kept pointing back to Saigon.
We did a Mekong River cruise in 2019 and spent a couple of nights in Saigon and saw what we considered the best bits then so it looks very much like another day onboard.
With the temperature being somewhat cooler and the wind picking up we headed back to the cabin at 4:00.

At 5:00 we attended the Senior Officers Party in the Sky Lounge and wondered why we had bothered. A complete non event with the Captain being the only one who was introduced. It’s a bit of a stretch to actually call it a party if you ask me.
Tonight has highlighted the fact there’s very little to do on this ship in the evening if you are not eating or drinking, the shows in the theatre are not appealing to us whatsoever. Tonight it’s a production show called Amade which is about how Mozart and the work of other classical composers inspire, evolve and connect to modern music. It might have been really good but for us had zero appeal. The other night it was a show called Rock City which we have seen several years ago and questioned why something new hasn’t been introduced?
For the first few days it felt great to be back on this ship and it was like putting on a really comfortable pair of slippers, however as the days have passed we have felt less connected. We are still grateful to be here and once we can get off and do some tours or walking around it should feel better. I’m not very good at sitting around doing nothing these days.

4 thoughts on “Celebrity Solstice Postcard #9 – Sea Day 2”

  1. Hi Mike
    It’s a shame to hear about your disappointment with the ship. I hope that the weather improves so you can enjoy the open decks.
    At least you seemed to have had a great time in Singapore.
    Take care and happy birthday to Nicole.

  2. Welcome to the new (or old ????) Celebrity! Your note about seeing a show a few years ago cracked me up. We did about a cruise a year (sometimes two) all on X from 2014 through 2018. In 2014 they had a show that featured Broadway hits. It was hosted by a digital version of Joel Gray. We saw that show for ten straight years. Exactly the same show.
    Hope things improve.

    1. It just shows a lack of imagination. With regards to the Senior Officers Party, even the officers didn’t want to be there and scarpered at the first opportunity. What does that tell you. I actually showed the Maitre D the photo of my Costa vegan birthday cake last night. He was speechless.

    2. While lying outside in the sun, we were joined by the dance troupe who we overheard discussing an up and coming show called Topper. Yet another old show!!! What is wrong with this cruise line?

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