Celebrity Solstice Postcard #8 – Laem Chabang, Thailand

Today is Nicole’s birthday and we had no plans whatsoever and just wanted to chill out after yesterday’s activities.
We enjoyed breakfast in a fairly deserted Oceanview Cafe then went off the ship for a quick look around the little boutique/market in the cruise terminal with the aim of finding something to go on the travel trophy walls in our downstairs loo. This we achieved so it was then back onboard to lie down in the sun.
The only interruption being lunch in the Oceanview Cafe and even then the break was just for 30 minutes. The temperature today was around 32°C with hazy skies and a gentle breeze now and then. It’s not the greatest views in port but there is plenty going on watching the containers being loaded and unloaded from the ships.

We had pre-dinner drinks in The Sky Lounge today for a change which was nice and quiet.
Nicole was surprised by the waiters in the MDR with a non vegan birthday cake but at least she had Happy Birthday sang to her.

I can’t help drawing comparisons to my Costa birthday experience in 2022 where they made me a vegan birthday cake so I could share it with Nicole.
It’s a sea day tomorrow so we will once again be doing very little.

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Solstice Postcard #8 – Laem Chabang, Thailand”

  1. You do like laying in the sun. Come to think of it, all my friends from the UK like laying in the sun. It must be the years of grey gloom ???? I know that’s why I NEVER lay in the sun. Growing up in a desert, I soaked it all up for years so now we tried to avoid those hot and dry vacations. That and the skin cancers. Make sure you use lots of sunscreen.
    And what’s up with X having so much trouble with Nicole needing a vegan diet? They are supposed to have these amazing and creative chefs.

    1. Nicole is eating really well, there are lots of options which I will report on when I get home. It was just the fact that they gave her a birthday cake she couldn’t eat.
      Plenty of sunscreen is the way. ????

      BTW, the character you are referring to is called Victor Meldrew and it’s just reminded me of something Nicole said ” You’re having a bit of a Jim day” ????

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