Celebrity Solstice Postcard #5 – Sea Day 1

My adjustment to the new timezone has been reached, I slept right through until 5:30 this morning and felt so much better for it.
This cruise has a lot of senior passengers onboard and it’s very noticeable. We were a bit rocky this morning and the buffet was a bit like bumper cars.
The real positive thing this morning for Nicole was that there was a vegan breakfast selection in the buffet, okay it might have been only four items but they were all something that she liked. The Maitre D had suggested trying there first and if didn’t work out then go to the MDR and they would put something together for her. Obviously the first day embargo on vegan food in the MDR has ended.
The weather was very windy this morning and most of the beds were tied down but we managed to find a couple of the big wicker beds with padded cushions on the Solstice Deck where we stayed until lunchtime. Nicole wasn’t keen to go to the MDR so we braved it in the Oceanview Cafe which is somewhere that she was confident of getting something to eat.
Afterwards we headed back to the cabin for a short while and found time to make contact with the people we are sharing a tour with tomorrow.

While in the cabin I checked the navigation channel to how far we had travelled and noted the temperature which was 26°C with 82% humidity.
Today has been a bit of a nothing day but it has given us the chance to unwind and relax a bit.
There is not much in the way of photos either so apologies for that, all I have is a few that were taken around the ship early evening.

The No Shows made another appearance tonight

We have an early start tomorrow so it won’t be a later night, we need to get off the ship ASAP with the complication of it being a tender port so hopefully things will fall into place.

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  1. There it is. My favorite bar on a ship…the World Class Bar! Let me know if there’s a bartender named Olexi from Ukraine, please? Last time we heard he was on Reflection. If he is there tell him you know me.

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