Celebrity Solstice Postcard #14 – Halong Bay, Vietnam

It was an early start for us today and after a quick breakfast in the buffet, we set off along the pier to the cruise terminal building to meet up with our tour for today. Once again we joined forces with some Cruise Critic members and booked an 7 hour cruise around Halong Bay. The weather was overcast again and it wasn’t particularly warm but it wasn’t going to ruin our experience.

After leaving the terminal we were directed to our boat which was moored up with many others along the side of the pier. There were 12 of us in our group and we were on a boat that was big enough for 10 times that so plenty of room.

By 8:30 we were on our way cruising past the many of 1969 limestone islets that make up this remarkable place.

Our first stop was to visit a fishing village and an oyster farm which were both accessed via a bamboo rowing boat that was piloted by a Vietnamese lady.

The transfer between the different farms was so peaceful and all you could hear were the blades of oars gently stroking the water.
Once back on the boat we had lunch while we made our way to Hon Co Island to visit the Thien Canh Son Caves. Once there, it was a climb of 100 steps or so to the entrance of the cave. Then entrance was through a small opening which took you into the first cavern. A further set of steps took you into a much larger cavern and the overall affect is quite stunning. We were the only group there so it was just the 12 of us plus our guide so feel very fortunate.


After, the boat took is back to the port along a different route than the one we had come and we arrived 7 hours later than we had set off. It was a great excursion and the only downside was the weather which was overcast which makes the photos look rather dull.

There has been no internet since leaving Halong Bay which is something to do with being in Chinese waters. It is on and off so I have only just managed to upload yesterday’s post.


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  1. Just been catching up with your blog. We have been getting some winter sun in Gran Canaria to tide us over until our next cruise. Your itinerary looks very interesting. I am enjoying the read. Not read it all yet.

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