Celebrity Solstice Postcard #11 – Nha Trang, Vietnam

I awoke this morning not able to put any weight on my right heel, there was a shooting pain as soon as I tried to walk on it. Hobbling around the cabin a bit seemed to ease it and with the assistance of a few pain killers I felt able to go for breakfast. The additional movement eased it some more and I was confident that I would be able to cope going ashore by tender. I am not exactly sure what was wrong but it did improve during the day.
So after breakfast we made use of the priority tendering and were ashore by 9:30 with the aim to just go for a walk.

Getting on the tender
Celebrity Solstice at anchor
The tendering zone ashore

Once we had exited the security zone ashore we were bombarded by locals trying to sell taxi tours which seemed to last for ages. I really dislike the constant barrage you receive and I don’t really believe they are aware of how off putting and annoying it is. The taxi drivers all wanted to take you to pagogadas and Buddha’s and although we do still have items of this nature lined up, today wasn’t one of them.

We had to walk along the road side for maybe ¾ of a mile and even then they were still coming along side and pestering us. Escape came when the footpath left the road and we could walk next to the beach.

Sanctuary from the taxi drivers

We passed the small Temple of Tran Hung Dao along the way and next to it the Statue of Tran Hung Dao who was some sort of national hero.

Temple of Tran Hung Dao
Statue of Tran Hung Dao

It was a really great beach and Nicole even took the opportunity for a quick dip. We sat in the vicinity for half an hour or so before making our way back to the ship.

Looking out from the beach
We could see the ship from where we were sat
Looking in the opposite direction

We wanted to get back before all the tours and have a nice lunch while the ship was quiet which is exactly what happened.
The rest of the afternoon, we just relaxed on the balcony watching the tenders coming and going. It was nice to actually get off and do something albeit only a walk.

The beach from the tender

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Solstice Postcard #11 – Nha Trang, Vietnam”

  1. We were lucky enough to do a ships tour when we visited ( which was actually worth it (although the young guide didn’t allow for the abilities of anyone younger and ran a tough pace) so were not harassed. It is becoming a major problem everywhere cruise ships dock , that now ,that unless you are already with a pre booked tour you get total harassment. OK, people have to make a living but have to accept no means no ( thank you)

  2. Glad your foot felt better as the day went on. And I am with you. I hate those guys who just leach on you and you just can’t get rid of them. Our worst was Acapulco. We walked up to see the cliff divers, about 2 miles. This guy and his 8-year-old daughter followed us the entire way. Would not let it go. Finally had to give him $10 to go away.

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