Celebrity Solstice Postcard #10 – Phu My, Vietnam

I was awake to watch the sail in which provided a few photo opportunities.

It was very peaceful experience as we gently edged our way to the berth. It was my turn to collect the coffee from Cafe Al Bacio this morning which was completely empty when I got there. We have taken to getting the coffee in the cardboard take out cups and then enjoying it on our balcony.

We went for breakfast as soon as the tours had started to depart and found the ship was practically deserted. It was bliss and the Oceanview Cafe was a dream to navigate, if only…….

By 10:00am we had found a nice spot on the Solstice Deck and made camp for the day. Other than visiting the Oceanview Cafe for lunch, we have done nothing all day so this is going to be the shortest post ever.

Tomorrow is another tender port where we have nothing planned so we may just go for the ride to see where it takes us.

One thought on “Celebrity Solstice Postcard #10 – Phu My, Vietnam”

  1. Great sunrise shots there. Too bad the stuff in the foreground was so industrial but the light is awesome. We always use Cafe al Bachio for second breakfast because the coffee in the Oceanview and the MDR just sucked. So we would eat breakfast first and then go get our cappuccinos. Hope tomorrow finds you a new adventure.

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