Norwegian Jade Postcard #3 – Sea Day

Last night was a bit of a milestone for us in that it was our 365th night onboard a ship since we started cruising in 2006. That means over the last 17 years, we have spent one of them onboard a ship. That works out at 5.88% if stats are your thing. ? So, today was a sea day and it gave us a chance to reacquaint ourselves with NCL and also the ship which has had a refit (2017) since we were last onboard.

We ate breakfast outside this morning in an area at the back of deck 12 called The Great Outdoors, with partially cloudy skies and intermittent sunshine it made a great start to the day. The Garden Cafe which is an inside venue was very busy and noisy so to be able to eat outside looking over the wake was an easy decision. At 10:00 we had an informal meeting with a few members of our Cruise Critic roll call to share plans and information about tours for the next few days. Tomorrow is a hot topic because the whole ship including the crew has to pass through Israeli Immigration before being allowed ashore. Ships tours have priority followed by each deck working down. The process starts at 6:30 and we have a meet-up time of 7:45 for our tour. Six of us have arranged to go through as a group to try and expedite things. ?? Along with it being a sea day, it was also extremely windy and although brilliant sunshine was not the best environment to sit out in, so sheltered areas were in high demand. We eventually found ourselves back in The Great Outdoors which was very handy for lunch. We stayed there until about 2:30 and went in search of sheltered beds and were rewarded more or less straight away.

An isolated spot where someone else had abandoned two sunbeds which were perfect for our needs.

Our lucky sunbeds are at the end of the bottom photo. ??

We stayed until 5:00 before going back to the cabin to shower and get ready for dinner.

An early night too due to the early start and the immigration conundrum.

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  1. Congrats on your Year at Sea! We are behind you. You are so lucky to live someplace where you can take a quick flight to cruise to some great destinations. We can only go to Alaska so many times. I say that as we will be in Ketchikan in two weeks ?. Hope your Israel entry goes well.

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