Norwegian Jade Postcard #11 – Piraeus & Disembarking

We awoke this morning to find ourselves already in Piraeus with the unloading of suitcases well underway.

We took breakfast in the MDR which was surprisingly deserted so I guess everyone else had chosen the buffet. We had made the decision to self disembark so used the lifts for the first time this cruise, it’s the only time we allow ourselves to do this. Getting one empty enough to get in with the cases became another challenge so Nicole took the stairs as soon as I had managed to get in one with the cases. This worked well in the end but in order to get an empty one we had to hit the going up button and ride up before being able to get down to deck 4. We got there in the end. ?


Our transport was arranged for 9:00am to take us to the airport and the journey took 70 minutes. Unfortunately for us, our flight got moved from 2:15pm to 5:15pm and when we arrived at the airport terminal we had to wait as our desk didn’t open until 2:30pm.

The four hours plus seemed to pass fairly quickly and we found ourselves airside within 25 minutes.

Our plane was delayed from Heathrow which had a knock on effect with our leaving.

After a 45 minute delay, we eventually took off at 6:00pm arriving at Heathrow at 7:55pm.

So that’s it for this trip, I hope you have enjoyed tagging along with us over the last 10 days or so. We certainly enjoyed this one. ?

12 thoughts on “Norwegian Jade Postcard #11 – Piraeus & Disembarking”

  1. It was a pleasure meeting you both and we thoroughly enjoyed the tours we shared in Israel and Cyprus.
    We also recognized the Teppanyaki chef in your photo as we had the same enthusiastic chef the night we went. He was one of our favorite staff members.
    We appreciated all your photos, and were pleasantly surprised to recognize ourselves disembarking in your final photo of the Jade.
    If you ever find yourself with time at the port of San Francisco, let us know as we are 90 minutes away.
    Andrea and Jim (aka LHolt on Cruise Critic)

  2. I really enjoy your cruising blogs. I’ve been off work unwell for a few weeks and was able to read all of your adventures over the years. I don’r recall how I found this in the first place, but really glad I did. In fact it has inspired me to book our first family cruise together this summer, onboard the MSC Grandiosa. I may even try to write a blog….we’ll see.

    1. Hello Marc, many thanks for your kind comments. We will be on MSC Grandiosa in a few weeks time with the grand kids and their mummy & daddy. It is only 3 nights this time but hopefully long enough to make an impression. ??

  3. Hi Wans
    Thanks for another excellent blog which brought back memories of one of our favourite cruises.
    Issy was good enough to cross post on Cruisedot as I was on a Princess shortie at the time.
    Just one small problem the 4 photos together in a box shape are a bit confusing on the phone on which I was following along.
    Single photos are far better.

    1. Hello Garf, I hope you had a great cruise too. The 4 photo collage saves a bit of space on my hosting site (there are currently 3636 images stored) You should be able to zoom in to see them like I can on my phone.
      I am also having a few issues with the WordPress App and thought at one stage I might not be able to continue but fortunately it worked okay.

  4. Thanks Mike for letting us all enjoy your cruise with you.
    The airport trauma reminds me why we have stayed with UK departures since the pandemic. We still enjoy the NCL atmosphere on board and took NCL Star to France, Spain and Portugal recently. We were just disappointed that this ship did not have an observation lounge or anywhere to sit inside comfortably with a book and see the ocean.
    We are off to the Scottish Islands with Balmoral on Wednesday but won’t be taking photos anywhere near as good as yours.
    Take care.

  5. Really enjoyed following your blog and seeing your pictures. Brought back some good memories of some of the places we have been over the years.

  6. Thanks for a great overview of your trip. Several photo areas we recognise, others have changed in the >5 years since we visited them. We missed Paphos in favour of a Nicosia trip on Cyprus so another to add to the bucket list. Seems that airport delays and long waits will be common until the airlines get their act together. Bristol airport was surprisingly clear last August – despite the airline getting us there 2h to early to fly to Amsterdam for a round Scotland and Ireland cruise.. Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks – I’ve enjoyed travelling along with you. I’ll be in Athens in a couple of weeks.

  8. Have enjoyed following your journey and reading about your adventures. The photos have been outstanding. Thank you very much for the time and effort in logging your trip. Here’s to the next one! Jenni

  9. As always I have loved tagging along. Thanks for the great report. Sorry about the long wait at the airport. I now have a new term to use (knock on) for when our plane is delayed at the other end.
    BTW: Your dawn photos is outstanding.

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