Norwegian Jade Postcard #10 – Mykonos, Greece

Today was our last full day of this cruise and a good portion of it was a sea day. Earlier in the morning, looking through the windows it was really deceiving because again we had partly cloudy skies interspersed with bright sunshine but a really blustery chilly wind and sitting outside was only for those with Eskimo blood in them.


However, by 10:00am the wind had subsided enough to sit outside without needing a sheltered spot. Because of the timings today, packing was 95% completed this morning by Nicole in her ever-efficient way thus leaving us time to sit outside and await for our arrival at Mykonos.


Our designated port slot was from 1:00pm until 9:00pm which really was a strange one for the last day/night onboard and adding to that we had to tender ashore as well. Tender tickets were available on a first come first served basis from the library at 10:30 and when I went to check it out at 10:20, the queue was hideous so we decided to wait until tendering went to an open ticket. Fortunately, our friends from one of the private tours had thought of us and got us slot 7 tickets. Tendering started 30 minutes early and we eventually got on the tender boat at 1:45pm.

Once ashore we set about navigating the small but picturesque passageways and alleys that make Mykonos what it is.

The Happy Cow app once again found us an amazing lunch spot and after we made our way to the Windmills for a photo stop.

Before heading back onboard we made one last stop at Little Venice for one last drink and probably the best photo location in Mykonos.


Great timing for the tender boat back to the ship gave us ample time to get ready and go for our last dinner in the Grand Pacific MDR and say our farewells to our servers from the last 9 nights.

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  1. Over already? Can’t even imagine a seven night Med cruise. That’s why you are lucky to live in the UK. You guys can get anywhere in Europe in no time. So envious. Thanks (as always) for taking me along with you. We are headed out on a short almost Alaska cruise on Monday. Not sure how much I will post while out because we won’t have WiFi onboard.

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