Costa Toscana Postcard #4 – Muscat, Oman

We had arrived in Muscat before and were both awake and at 7:30 there was a lot happening ashore with many of the tours already departing. We on the other hand took a much more leisurely approach and went for breakfast in the MDR before getting off for a stroll along the Corniche to visit Mutrah Fort. Walking through the port area is prohibited so there is a free shuttle service which drops you at the gate. It’s not quite as simple as that because you visit the Cruise visitor centre en route to pass through security and have your bags x-rayed before finally getting back on the bus to the main gate. On the other side of the gate was the best part of 50 taxi drivers all dressed in their white robes trying to sell you a tour in their taxi. There was white linen everywhere and it reminded me of when I was younger and running through my mum’s washing line when she had all the bedding out to dry. After quickly navigating these we found ourselves free to walk in peace to the Corniche and then along it until we reached the fort.

Entry was 1 Rial and after the climb, up to the highest point you were rewarded with a great panorama of the Corniche and surrounding area.

From there we made our way to the Souke which is apparently one of the oldest in the middle east. Yes, we got lost and went around in circles for quite a while but eventually found our way out. There are so many little passages and alleys all well stocked with their owners all wanting you to come on in and browse. I just can’t get my head around how they ever sell enough to make a living.

Having satisfied ourselves with a bit of exercise, we headed back to the ship for lunch after which we sat outside in the sun close to the pool. The forecast is not good for tomorrow so we decided to make the most of it while we had the opportunity.

We had dinner in our designated restaurant (Le Anfore) at 6:30 then did a few circuits of the wrap-around prom deck which on Toscana is called the Infinity Walk.

We had four items planned for the evening but in the end on managed the one which was in the Colosseo, this was a production called “Quantum XXL in Quan-Tech” which was about a boy who was transported into the world of his video games. Great dancing coupled with the amazing technology made for a real visual treat.

We both thoroughly enjoyed this but fatigue set in so we decided to get an early night hitting the sack at 10:30.

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  1. Some very nice views of Muscat. We didn’t get up to the fort for the overview but we did a ships tour to the Grand Mosque and the Castle of the Sheik ( or whoever rules it now) . In March 2020 we were dropped off in Muscat when we couldn’t get back to Dubai by ship in the pandemic. Escorted by guard to the airport we flew to Dubai and had to stay until our BA flight took us back to Heathrow (The hotel was cheaper than a BA charge to change flights) The Souk is relatively small IF you walk across it in a straight line but, as you say , the narrow alleyways are designed to entrap the unwary tourist. Not sure if we are persona non grata in Muscat as they never issued ( or cancelled) my wife’s visa (which we paid for on the ship online) but they got in a snit asking for more information about her

  2. I am enjoying your trip. My main memory of Muscat is the long line of men in white robes queuing for the toilet in the souk. When my husband joined the queue the ushered him straight to the front.

    1. Hello Ya-ya, I have seen all your questions but don’t think I am best placed to answer them. Different ship, itinerary etc. It can all make so much difference. Le Anfore is on Deck 6 on Toscana and might not even be on Smeralda.
      Having just looked at the deck plan for Smeralda, I note that it is not the same layout. The Jazz club occupies the space where Le Anfore is situated

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