Anthem of the Seas Postcard #6 – Sea Day 2

Today was the first of two sea days before we get back to Southampton, and both will be very leisurely. Nothing planned other than a few shows that we haven’t seen yet.

Nicole went to her early morning yoga session and I went for a walk only stopping by the Diamond Lounge for a coffee. When she had finished we met up for breakfast in the Windjammer. It has been partially cloudy skies all day and when the sun was shining it was lovely but when it clouded over it got quite chilly.

Lunch took us back to the Windjammer where we again found a nice selection of dishes, it does make selection very difficult at times and I often end up with a selection of things you would never have on one plate at home.

After lunch we managed to get a couple of beds in a nice sheltered spot and stayed there for a couple of hours. With it feeling much cooler, we moved to the indoor pool area for an hour and were then amazed by a thick blanket of fog that descended. Quite strange to go from bright sunshine to thick low lying fog.

Another formal night tonight with a show at 7:30 so with little else to report I will sign off for today.

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