Anthem of the Seas Postcard #2 – Sea Day 1

We had a fabulous first day and after the theatre show we spent the rest of the evening in one of the ship’s venue’s called Music Hall, there was a live band called The Dukes playing lots of popular covers which we really enjoyed. It was made all the more special as we met up with a couple we last saw 11 years ago while on Norwegian Epic. This resulted in us not retiring for bed until the gone midnight.

For our 3 sea days, Nicole has booked an early morning yoga session so while she was off doing that, I spent my time wandering around the ship taking photos, stopping briefly for a coffee in The Diamond Lounge then eventually meeting up with Nicole for breakfast in the Windjammer.  Last night, the MDR restaurant manager had organised for Nicole to be able to have scrambled tofu in the Windjammer, it was available in the MDR but because of her yoga session, the breakfast in dining room would have finished long before Nicole, so he made a call to make it available in the Windjammer instead. He was true to his word, and although it took about 10 minutes to arrive because it was made especially for her, she gave it the big thumbs up. What great service from all involved. 

After what was essentially brunch, we found a nice sheltered spot out of the wind and enjoyed some really pleasant clear skies.  After watching two flights of the North Star, we looked to see if there was any availability and luckily we managed to get a 2:00pm slot.  Despite her acrophobia, Nicole decided she would not miss out, what a decision that turned out to be because we actually broke down on the return leg and we were stranded for 15 minutes or so. What was due to take 16 minutes ended up being 30 minutes. I do like a bit of value for money.

 Even with the unfortunate circumstances, it really does provide some incredible views of the ship that you ordinarily would never get the chance to see. 

As the sun came over we retired to the cabin and made good use of the balcony, at one point we were even treated with lots of dolphins having a feeding frenzy along with a whole host of sea birds.

It’s a formal night and we have nothing else planned other than going to dinner and then maybe hang out in one of the bars afterwards. I’m thinking maybe the Schooner Bar for somewhere different

Tomorrow we arrive in Liverpool, our first port of call for this cruise.

4 thoughts on “Anthem of the Seas Postcard #2 – Sea Day 1”

  1. The tofu scramble is good news and that unfortunate but fortunate breakdown – would have loved it. Have fun in Glasgow.. hope the weather isn’t too bad.

  2. They charged you for the North Star? On our Alaska trip on Ovation, it was free but we had a LOT more people inside than you did. I know that’s because of the lesser number of guest onboard. I love the giraffe. On the other ships in the class they have different animals. Ovation has a panda. Lastly, because of the small crowd, I am guessing there are no big production shows?

    Keep these posts coming.

    1. There are free North Star flights but only on port days when they go up turn both ways then come back down. Ours went over both sides, limited to 6 passengers and cost $29. Yes, there are production shows, on Anthem it is” We Will Rock You” which we are going to see tomorrow night.

  3. Really enjoying the blog, glad you are having a lovely time. Do try the rhubarb and ginger gin (with ginger ale) in Vintages if you are a gin fan. It is quite amazing – and there is a lovely sofa as you go in it is on the right in the corner. Enjoy – and thanks again for sharing your trip.

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