Postcard #10.1 Sea Day 4 – Coffee on the balcony

Our first day back at sea and on this leg of the cruise we will get the sunsets in our cabin instead of the sunrise. I have just been down to get our coffee’s so we can sit and enjoy them on the balcony. We are currently cruising at 18 knots, the temperature is 79F and it is 0% humidity.

Sea Day 4 Morning Coffee

Sea Day 4 Morning Coffee

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2 thoughts on “Postcard #10.1 Sea Day 4 – Coffee on the balcony”

  1. Hello Mr Gerhard, and thank you for you comment. In answer to your question about the obstructed views all I can advise is that as far as I know, all cabins have a view out. Deck 6 is just above the lifeboats and therefore restricts the view down. The higher you go will give you more of a view over them. The only cabins where you will be able to see right over the edge is on one of the centre hump cabins. These cabins also allow you to have a clear view left and right whereas the cabins either side of the hump will be restricted by the hump itself. I hope this helps. She is a beautiful ship and has a great crew, I hope you enjoy her as much as we did.

  2. Amazing pictures on this blog!
    We are booking a cruise on the Silhouette for this summer.
    Would you have an idea HOW “obstructed” the obstructed view on a balcony cabin really is???

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