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We arrived back in Buenos Aires at 4:30 this morning and during the docking process we had a tug in attendance pushing the ship on our side (starboard). By the looks of it the ship is not that manoeuvrable with its azipod problem. It’s not a difficult port to get into so the azipod problem is going to remain a potential issue for follow on cruises until they get it repaired.
We followed our usual ritual on the last morning of breakfast in the main dining room which meant a couple of eggs for me.
We were off the ship by 9:00 and shuttled to the cruise terminal where we collected our cases but not without a scare first. One of the luggage tags had come off one of our cases and we had a little panic until it was located it in a separate area.
The taxi pickup area isn’t the best laid out for vehicles and busrs which meant we had to wait 15 minutes longer than agreed to meet our driver. The journey to the Eziza Airport was around 35 minutes and we arrived at 10:40. No queues at the check-in so we were able to drop our bags off straight away.

Poor Pip on the other hand has to wait until 11:00pm for her Emirates flight and won’t be able to drop her bags until around 6-7:00 pm tonight. We were told to clear security by 12:30 so had about 1½ hours to keep Pip company.

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2 Responses to Celebrity Infinity Postcard #17 – Buenos Aires & Disembarking

  1. ian cox says:

    It has been great to follow your blog
    If our cruise runs , it has given me some ideas as to what to expect / do , if not it will serve until Eclipse does the same itinerary next year ( assuming there are still places).
    We will have to take what comes depending as to how serious the Azipod issue is deemed to be and what risks they take senfding an imperfect ship back into the outskirts of Antarctica .With the Port Madryn cancellation 3 weeks ago they did NOT include any option for us to cancel free of charge .Celebrity is a very ” take it or leave it” company.
    When they are good , i have found them to be very good , BUT…
    We will track your progress in June in the Med.

  2. Lorraine says:

    I was not on this cruise but a friend was so I followed your blog. Thank you so much for your hard work. Sorry your cruise didn’t go as planned but I hope you enjoyed it.

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