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Our meal in Qsine lived up to expectations and we all came away feeling we had just about managed to find a good balance from being full and not totally stuffed. For those not familiar with this restaurant, it’s a sort of international tapas with the menu on an iPad.

This morning we arrived at Montevideo around 5:30 and once the ship had been cleared it was obvious that the extra two hours was actually for the cruise lines benefit and not ours as there was a flurry of activity on the dock side. After 8 straight sea days things were beginning to run out so fresh supplies were going to be needed while not forgetting the things that need to come off as well!
So what did we do today?
After a quick couple of coffees in Tuscan Grille we made our way off the ship to explore the old port town which is within easy walking distance from the port.

We picked up a map which provided us with a circular route with all the places of interest so off we set. Thankfully it was a little cooler today than yesterday and it was a good temperature for walking around. We passed most if not all the places noted on the map before looking in on the old port market prior to stopping for a beer.


That in itself is an experience and although we didn’t have anything to eat the smell of the BBQ’s and meat cooking was very tempting.

The only downside today is we had the dreaded packing at the back of our minds all the time we were ashore.
When we got back to the port gates all the city tour operators had disappeared or else I would have given them a little trade. With a bit of forethought we should have done that part first, I wasn’t able to promote enough enthusiasm with the ladies when we first got off so we missed out on seeing the major city sights.

Once back on board we had a quick lunch and grabbed a few hours up in the sun before having to do the inevitable.
What we saw of Montevideo today was enough to get me off the ship if I ever pass this way again. Before I sign off today I can’t go without sharing these two establishments with you.

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