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Yesterday evening we got word that a Spanish Lawyer had called a meeting with fellow passengers to discuss the itinerary changes and limping ship issues. I got there just as everyone was leaving but unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone who spoke English to find out what was discussed. I would say that there was still a good 200 people there so it would appear that there is a general dissatisfaction with the way Celebrity are dealing with the situation.
Later in the evening we managed to find out via Cruise Critic that there is an Argentinian lawyer who is posting a class action suit against Celebrity on behalf of anyone who signs up, without fee. The poster goes on to say the suit will claim that Celebrity were negligent in setting sail with the propeller issues, causing us to miss the Falklands and to be at sea for an extended period of time. The request is for all signed passengers to receive a full refund.
All this sounds a bit over the top to me so we will wait for further development.
This morning we were treated to beautiful clear skies and brilliant sunshine. Boy what different scenes we have witnessed through our balcony windows.
At 10:00am I went to see MickeyLive’s final show in the theatre which was a photo review of the cruise using a selection from Snapshot Rally photos submitted by the passengers. 5 of my photos made the cut onto the big screen which was really pleasing. He said that people had submitted over 500 images so I will look forward to seeing the complete set when I am able to view the disc.
The rest of the afternoon we have just bumbled around with a bit of walking here and there followed by a snooze on the prom deck which today was bright and sunny and 3 days ago its where we were watching penguins and whales from.

Tonight we are dining in Qsine after changing the booking 3 times prior to tonight. I will need some discipline and an empty stomach prior to going as we have always tended to eat well there in the past.

Tomorrow we get to walk on dry land again at our second port in Montevideo, Uruguay. We have nothing booked and may just wander around and possibly a quick city tour for a couple of hours if we find anything that takes our fancy dockside.

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3 Responses to Celebrity Infinity Postcard #15 – A Sea Day

  1. Ian Cox says:

    Not sure how far the Argentinians will get with Celebrity but if enough Americans are involved something might happen so get in on the act then ride on their coat tails for free . I went down the same route 9 years ago re known engine problems but a single Brit gets nowhere ( read their T+C smallprint – it is tighter than then proverbial duck body part) .We got cruise fare back plus an equivalent amount against a future cruise for the full cancellation (we had booked flights ourselves)
    Hope you enjoy Montevideo’s ( flying Circus)!
    Still waiting to see if we have a cruise on the 18th
    We may have snow here in North Somerset next Tuesday!

  2. Ian cox says:

    Congrats on 5 photos on the disc .Is this free to contributors?

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