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With each passing hour the seas have become calmer and the winds have subsided. First thing this morning there was still quite a nip in the air but the skies were clear and we had sunshine.
I decided to have breakfast in the dining room this morning as I have been hankering after a couple of fried eggs, whenever I have visited the egg station in the Oceanview, there has always been a long queue so the dining room became the next best option. Mission accomplished!!
At 10:30 this morning we collected our passports, we received a letter last night notifying us that the immigration process had now been completed. There was me thinking the 25 minutes spent queuing at the cruise terminal then the taking photos and finger prints had dealt with all that, perhaps it’s just the Argentine way of doing things. I had secretly hoped we might find an Antarctica stamp but the passport is exactly the same as the one we handed over in Buenos Aires.
On this return leg the sun is on our side of the ship in the morning so we made use of the balcony until it had passed over the top. We have a slightly deeper balcony in this cabin and it was one of the reasons we selected it.

Out of the wind it was lovely and warm and a very welcome change to the previous couple of days. We then made out way up to the pool deck where I did some walking before finding a couple of beds out of the wind where we spent the afternoon just relaxing in the sun.
On my travels round the ship I came across some sunbeds which had been tied down, someone aspiring to Celebrity’s Modern Luxury motto was using the straps to dry their laundry!!!

We also have many Japanese passengers onboard, their photography antic’s have also been keeping me amused. For instance today I witnessed a man photographing his lady sat on a sun bed while she posed pretending to take a selfie. The mind boggles. Yesterday it was another couple with him again taking photos of her, he was wrapped up in a wolly hat and coat while she was running around posing in her bikini. I can tell you it wasn’t swimsuit weather and it didn’t stop her going in the pool either.
Just to complete the this afternoons proceedings we then get some bloke playing the bagpipes. Has it all got something to do with last night’s full moon?
It’s the 3rd and final Chic night this evening and our dining room staff were all trying to promote the the event so let’s see if they can deliver.
Just wrapping up, there has not been much to report back with today and only a couple of photos to accompany the text. Let’s see what tomorrow brings……

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6 Responses to Celebrity Infinity Postcard #14 – A Sea Day

  1. Ian Cox says:

    A somewhat more mundane query if i may ( which affects flight luggage weight and volume!)
    How many “chic” nights are there on this cruise and are they black tie or country club casual or what is their objective ( hardly toga party methinks!)
    Still working our way through your other blogs – fascinating stuff. We did the same Celebrity Eclipse to the Baltic ( but back in 2010) but our Auckland to Sydney cruise in 2009 sadly was not to be as Celebrity Millennium died and had to be sent back to Sydney to be dry docked before we could board – our first experience of the Azipods issue – they had been damaged in high seas coming round NZ .Still crossing all appendages for a cruise on the 18th Feb!

  2. Ian Cox says:

    They cancelled the Puerto Madryn visit some 2-3 weeks ago – didn’t notify our travel agent. Promised one day refund for missing the port (refund money awaited)

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