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We had a little bit of rocking and rolling since leaving Elephant Island but nothing to serious. If I was honest then I would say that I was expecting seas to be more like this for much of the cruise so I guess we have been rather fortunate. On the positive I was awakened to bright sunshine this morning which made a pleasant change from the cloudy skies we have had over the last few days. It didn’t last long and the clouds soon returned to provide us with what was quite a dreary sea day.

In the morning we attended a talk from MickeyLive about the Falklands which was to his usual high standard, he has been doing these Southern itinerary’s for the last 8 years and is well versed with all the areas we have been visiting. In my opinion he is what all destination speakers should be trying to emulate. I understand that he works directly for Celebrity so why not have other speakers of this calibre?
At the beginning of the cruise we ordered a map and a chart as a special package with the proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund. The chart is of the itinerary and will be marked up by hand with our actual course and we are due to collect that on the last sea day. The map which we picked up today is a detailed one of Antarctica which we also thought was a nice keepsake.
Mickey has also been collecting 4 photos from all willing passengers to put onto a free disc, one per cabin and I submitted mine yesterday so will look forward to picking it up on the last sea day. I’ve not seen this done before and I think it’s a great idea.
The upper decks remained closed so I decided to do a few laps inside the ship to appease the conscience and get a little exercise.
Because we have an early start in the morning, we are eating in the Oceanview Cafe this evening so we can grab an early night.

Today has been quite a miserable sea day which you will be able to judge from the photos. Let’s hope for some improvement because the word is out that high winds may prevent us from going in and we won’t know for definite until the morning. Fingers and toes are crossed!!!

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Celebrity Infinity Postcard #13 - A Sea Day (Formally Port Stanley, Falkland Islands)
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