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The clocks went forward an hour last night as if to signify the start of our major time adjustment upheaval. It’s been a long time coming but our last full day was eventually upon us.

Can you spot the Koala in the tree?

We started the morning off with breakfast in the Tuscan Grille where we said our goodbyes to the team who have looked after us over the three cruises. They didn’t rotate the staff so we were able to build up quite a rapport with crew there in the morning. I took my last glass of medication before heading to guest services to exchange the luggage tags we had been given. We had been given 9:00 but needed it to be an hour earlier so we could meet our tour guide for the last trip before heading for the airport.

With that sorted we managed 3 laps of the top deck before rain stopped play. So it was back to the cabin to do the inevitable. Nicole is very efficient and organised and had it all worked out in no time at all.

We skipped lunch today because we both seemed​ to be feeling the effects of the last thirty plus days eating today. I dread to think how we would feel on an even longer cruise.

We eventually went to the Oceanview Café at 4:00 for the tea time selection but other than what I’ve mentioned above we have done very little today. Had the weather been better we would have sat out but that wasn’t to be today.

We are now ready to disembark and begin our journey home.


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