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This morning we arrived at Brisbane which is our last port of call before we arrive back in Sydney in two days time. It was a bit of a strange one in as much that the journey into Brisbane itself was a 50 minute drive on the shuttle which came with a $22 per person fee despite us docking in the middle of a commercial port area.

We pretty much got on the first bus just after 8:30 and were dropped at Anzac Square which is a central location in the city. Armed with a simple map we set off on foot to explore and see what we could find of interest.
After crossing the river on Victoria Bridge we passed through an area known as South Bank which was regenerated for Expo 88 and it really was a lovely place to visit. Slap bang in the middle is the Brisbane Eye which had just opened for the day and there were no queues so we promptly acquired a couple of tickets and went for a spin or to be precise 5 spins stopping at the top for a while on the first one. I think we had the whole thing to ourselves as I couldn’t see anyone else in any of the other pods.

We continued on crossing back over the river and then round the botanical gardens which was equally as good. We spotted lots of different birds and there were also many Eastern Water Dragons wandering around. We even came across a snake but I have no idea what it was or if it was dangerous. Thank goodness for the zoom lens!

As it was lunch time we headed back to South Bank and found a nice little pub where I enjoyed a nice local brew with burger and chips. I don’t make it sound like we did much but my Fitbit tells me that we walked over 12 miles today. We saw plenty and really enjoyed this last stop. Brisbane is a beautiful city and certainly somewhere I would love to visit again.

Time is of the essence so I hope you enjoy the selection of photos from today.

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