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Time really does seem to be flying now, we have just three nights to go before we have to disembark from what has been our home for the last 5 weeks or so. We both are feeling a little subdued today but have been smiling while reflecting back on what has been an amazing adventure.

We actually enjoyed a bit of a lie in this morning and didn’t go to breakfast until 9:30,  for us this is much later than we have been used to recently.

With the weather very overcast we made our way up to the open decks and managed to do five full laps before finding a sheltered spot to do some reading and blog writing, not that there is much to report today.

The last couple of days we have really enjoyed watching the Booby’s fly along side the ship and then swooping to catch the flying fish. They have such precision and timing with very little effort needed. It really is an amazing thing to witness and just a shame I haven’t managed to get a photo of it as it all happens so fast.
We sat out until about 1:45 when we decided to chance our luck with the buffet and were rewarded with a table out in the open at the back. It’s nice for Nicole because she can get a much better selection of things to eat there.

The weather remained cloudy and we did get a couple of really light showers just to break things up a little. According to the information on the TV the air temperature was 28° C which did make the wind lovely and warm.

With the wind picking up we made our way back to the cabin to sit out on our balcony until 4:00 when we attended a From the Podium talk on Sharks and Rays by Dr. Dave.

It’s been a very relaxing and uneventful day and one which has given us plenty of time to reflect and appreciate what we have done over the three back to back cruises.

Tonight is the third Evening Chic of this cruise and our ninth overall and lobster is on the menu tonight so I know what I’m having.

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